May 10, 2021  
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021 
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health, Physical Education and Recreation, Teaching Licensure, B.S.

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Leading to Licensure K-12

Major  42  
Cognates 17  
General Education  37  
Professional Education   32  
TOTAL  128  

Total 42 Hours

All non teacher education track Physical Education students will be directed to a Kinesiology track of their choosing.

Competency required in PEAC 143 .

Skill deficiencies in each PETH activity unit, PETH 114  through PETH 119  and PETH 214  through PETH 219 , will be indicated by grade of C- or less. Deficiencies for these units must be met by taking for no credit the corresponding general education activity course, when available.

Intramural participation is recommended for all majors and minors.

Students who desire teacher certification must meet the State of Tennessee certification requirements set forth by the School of Education and Psychology.

The student must apply for Initial Admission to the Teacher Education Program (usually by the end of the sophomore year) after completing all requirements as outlined under ADMISSION PROCEDURES  in the School of Education and Psychology section of the Catalog. Initial admission is required before the student can enroll in upper division education courses.

The student must also complete an application and all other requirements for Admission to Student Teaching. Prior to the professional semester, the student must take and pass the PRAXIS II licensure exam-both the appropriate section of the Principles of Learning and Teaching, and the particular specialty test(s) for the licensure area(s). Teaching endorsement in Health Education K-12 is available by taking an additional Praxis exam.

Non-academic classes such as Kick, Step, and Hydro Aerobics are offered at nominal fees ranging from $40 - $75 per semester. These are not for credit.

Total 37 Hours

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