Oct 21, 2020  
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021 
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021

OUTL 353 - Vertical Caving

2 hours

This course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to participate in and to lead vertical caving activities. Emphasis will be placed on site use and management, specialized vertical caving equipment, descending and ascending single rope techniques, selection of personal equipment, group safety and rescue. Due to the nature of this course, all students will be required to make class field trips to caving sites in the surrounding area. An extended field experience of up to four days may be required. (Alternating years) Lab Fee: 14 ($350).
Prerequisite(s): PEAC 125 .
Pre- or Co-requisite: Pre- or Co-requisite: ADAC 152  or permission of instructor.