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Graduate Catalog 2010-2011 
Graduate Catalog 2010-2011 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

COUN 584 - Clinical Internship: School Counseling

1-6 hours
Prerequisite(s): COUN 583 ; Completion of 29 semester hours in degree program; admission to candidacy.
This course consists of supervised field experience in a school setting. A total of 6 semester hours and 600 clock hours of clinical work are required. This will include a variety of activities that a regularly employed school counselor is expected to perform. At least 240 clock hours are required in direct client contact, individual counseling, group work, developmental classroom guidance, and parent/community conferences. This will be done under the supervision of a certified school counselor and will also include consultation with an assigned faculty supervisor, research on clinical issues, and attendance at a weekly supervision group. Applications for Fall Internship experiences must be submitted for approval by April 15 of the previous school year. Applications for Winter Internship experiences must be submitted for approval by October 15.