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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 
Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Physical Education, Health and Wellness

Dean: Robert Benge

Faculty: Robert Benge, Mike Boyd, Rod Bussey, Harold Mayer, Richard Schwarz, Judy Sloan, Troy Walker, Crystal Whitten

Adjunct Faculty: Jan Cochrane, Jeff Erhard, Leslie Evenson, Phil Garver, Marcia Irwin, Dwight Magers, Nora McCarthy, John Pangman

Program Coordinators:

  • Corporate/Community Wellness Management, Harold Mayer
  • Health Science, Rod Bussey
  • Health, P.E. and Recreation, Teacher Certification, Judy Sloan
  • Sports Studies, Mike Boyd
  • Vegetarian Culinary Arts Certificate, Crystal Whitten

Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Physical Education, Health and Wellness is to 1) develop effective activity courses and adcademic degree programs, 2) provide recreation opportunities for the University family, 3) promote wellness through evaluation, education and motivation, and 4) serve the community with opportunities for healthy living.

Degrees Offered

  • B.S. Health, Physical Education and Recreation
  • B.S. Health Science
  • B.S. Corporate/Community Wellness Management
  • B.S. Sports Studies
  • Certificate Vegetarian Culinary Arts (Seeking Southern Association of Colleges and Schools approval) (Approval received from S.A.C.S. on 12-2-13)

The courses in Physical Education, Health and Wellness propose to: acquaint students with principles of healthful living, develop physical efficiency, develop life-long fitness and recreational habits, and/or prepare students for careers in physical education, health, wellness management, or related professions.

Health Science is an excellent degree for pre-Medicine, pre-Dental, pre-Physical Therapy, pre-Occupational Therapy, pre-Physician Assistant, and other medical related graduate programs.

No grade lower than a C- will be accepted in cognate courses for degrees in the School of Physical Education, Health and Wellness.

To receive a B.S. degree in Health, Physical Education and Recreation, students must successfully complete ALL Teacher Education requirements including student teaching. All non teacher education track Physical Education students will be directed to a Sports Studies track of their choosing.

Vegetarian Culinary Arts Certificate Program

(Seeking Southern Association of Colleges and Schools approval) (Approval received from S.A.C.S. on 12-2-13)

Southern offers a one-year certificate in Vegetarian Culinary Arts.

A one-year certificate in culinary training will prepare the student for an exciting career with opportunities for advancement and specialized certificates. Students, along with culinary professionals by your side, will prepare hundreds of recipes while learning kitchen skills, time management skills, budgeting, and menu composition. Students will participate in a variety of professional cooking classes that focus on providing wholesome and health-promoting foods that are vegetarian, vegan, and even raw. Elective training in preparing clean meat is also available. Training is active and involves learning basic knife skills, use of other kitchen tools, equipment, and basic electronics. Students will learn about the various types of food service industries, quantity food purchasing and production, types of food presentation, and marketing.

Characteristics of individuals successful in the culinary field include: creative, energetic, detail oriented, willing to follow instructions, foodies, want to learn healthful food preparation methods, integrity, an appreciation for the SDA health message, and a desire to prepare and share great tasting food that meets a variety of needs.

Graduates of this program may find employment at SDA academic institutions, healthcare facilities/hospitals, extended care facilities and retirement centers, restaurants, spas and resorts, hotels, and other venues. Non-traditional careers could include writing, research and development for a food company, owning your own restaurant or bakery, working as a personal chef, and catering.

Students will be required to take a three-hour religion course prior to completing this program.

Application Process

Interested candidates must apply and be accepted as a student at Southern Adventist University and in addition you will need to apply for acceptance into the Vegetarian Culinary Arts Certificate Program.


To help the graduates in Physical Education, Health, and Wellness evaluate their academic progress and to aid the school in evaluating teaching effectiveness, each senior is required, during their final semester, to take an exit exam. The results of the assessments are used to evaluate the school programs.


  • The Bachelor of Science in Physical Education is NCATE accredited.
  • The bachelor degrees in Corporate/Community Wellness Management and Sports Studies, offered in conjunction with the School of Business and Management, are accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education.
  • The Bachelor of Science in Corporate/Community Wellness Management as an accredited academic program by the National Wellness Institute. All of these graduates are Certified Wellness Practitioners.

Course Descriptions

  • ADAC Adventure Activity
  • ADTH Adventure Theory
  • HLED Health Education and Wellness
  • HLNT Nutrition
  • PEAC Physical Education Activity
  • PETH Physical Education Theory
  • RECR Recreation
  • VGCA Vegetarian Culinary Arts