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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 
Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Modern Languages

Chair: Carlos H. Parra

Faculty: Pierre Nzokizwa, Adrienne Royo

Adjunct Faculty: Darwin Ayscue, Claryce Caviness, Jeffrey Jordan, Gwendolyn Smith

Program Coordinators:

  • French, Pierre Nzokizwa
  • French, Teacher Certification, Pierre Nzokizwa
  • International Studies, Carlos Parra
  • Spanish, Adrienne Royo         
  • Spanish, Teacher Certification, Adrienne Royo

Modern Languages

The Modern Languages Department at Southern Adventist University combines language study with experience abroad and academic courses. Southern offers interdisciplinary degrees in French, French Teaching, International Studies, Spanish, and Spanish Teaching. The International Studies degree will enhance students’ ability to live and work in an international setting. Students discover French, German, Italian, and Spanish not only as living languages but also as reflections of many cultures and peoples.

The Modern Languages Department also offers majors in French and Spanish, minors in Arabic, French, German, Italian, and Spanish; and language courses in American Sign Language, for those students wishing to gain a deeper understanding of cultures within a global context through the study of language, literature, and society. The French and Spanish majors also provide the necessary background for graduate study. In addition, the department offers French and Spanish Teaching Licensure majors for students interested in secondary education. Students seeking teacher certification should also pursue the teaching major.

The ability to communicate with people is increasingly essential in today’s global community, and knowledge of other cultures and cultural experiences should be a key part of the background of a well-educated individual, particularly of those with a sense of world mission. By introducing students to another language and giving them opportunities and exposure to experience other cultures, the Modern Languages Department at Southern Adventist University strives to help students to overcome stereotypes and prejudices, fosters a spirit of appreciation and inclusiveness, and facilitates easier communication and interaction with persons of other languages and cultures.

Mission Statement

The Modern Languages Department at Southern Adventist University provides a Christian learning environment that enhances the understanding of other cultures, and promotes a global dialogue by widening horizons, broadening perspectives, and deepening self-understanding as a worldwide family.


The assessment of majors in International Studies consists of three basic sections: First the candidates write an evaluation of the departmental program to state their perception of the program’s effectiveness in achieving its objectives. Second, the candidates take a departmental exam to demonstrate their degree of success in achieving near native mastery of the target language in the areas of listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Third, the candidates take an oral examination focusing on their knowledge and appreciation of the culture of the peoples who speak the target language. A key element of this interview is the candidate’s ability to compare and contrast the target culture with their own, and to show how they relate, contribute to, and enrich each other. The candidate will earn a minimum grade of “B” (83-86%) on the DEE.

The assessment of students majoring in Spanish, and Spanish Teaching consists of a departmental oral and written examination.

Candidates will earn a minimum grade of “B-“ (80-83%) as they demonstrate their knowledge and appreciation of Spanish speaking cultures, their literary expression, and the ability to understand many of the complexities affecting and resulting from the Spanish, and Spanish-American experience in their own context and when in contact with other cultures not only in the American continent, but in relation to global society. The assessment of students majoring in French and French Teaching is also a departmental oral and written examination. Candidates will demonstrate a passing degree of knowledge and appreciation of French speaking cultures, their literary expression, and the ability to understand the complexities in their own context not only in Europe and the Americas, but as part of global society. This required exam is the MCE.

Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA)

Southern Adventist University is a member of Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA), a consortium of colleges and universities operated by the Board of Higher Education of the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This consortium affords opportunity to qualified students for international study while completing the requirements of their programs at their home campus. The program allows students to immerse themselves in the culture and life of the host country and gain various levels of fluency in the language; to mature socially, spiritually, and intellectually; and to develop sensitivity to cultural differences and a sense of responsibility for and mission to other societies of the world. The following institutions are internationally affiliates of ACA offering academic year programs of study:

Argentina: Universidad adventista del Plata, Libertador San Martin: Spanish Language, Latin American Culture, and Latin American Literature
Austria: Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen, St. Peter am Hart: German Language, Culture, and Literature
England: Newbold College, Binfield, United Kingdom: English Language, Culture, and Literature
France: Campus Adventiste du Saleve, Collonges-sous Saleve: French Language, Culture, and Literature
Germany: Friedensau Adventist University, Friedensau bei Burg: German Language, Culture, and Literature
Italy: Istituto Avventista Villa Aurora, Florence: Italian Language, Culture, and Literature
Lebanon: Middle East University, Beirut; Arabic Language, Culture, and Literature
Spain: Seminario Adventista Espanol, Sagunto: Spanish Language, Culture, and Spanish Literature

In addition to academic-year programs, ACA offers six to eight-week summer terms at the following international study centers:

Argentina: Universidad adventista del Plata, Libertador San Martin: Spanish Language, Latin American Culture, and Literature
Austria: Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen, St. Peter am Hart: German
Brazil: Instituto Adventista de Ensino, Sao Paulo: Portuguese
France: Centre Universitaire et Pedagogique du Saleve, Collonges-sous-Saleve: French
Greece: La Sierra University Study Center, Athens: Intermediate New Testament Greek, Beginning Biblical Hebrew
Israel: Middle East University, Lebanon; Arabic
Italy: Istituto Avventista Villa Aurora, Florence: Italian
Japan: Saniku Gakuin College: Japanese
Spain: Colegio Adventista de Sagunto, Sagunto: Spanish
Thailand: Asia-Pacific International University, Saraburi: Mandarin Chinese
Ukraine: Ukrainian College of Arts and Sciences, Kiev: Russian

Applicants for international study need not be language majors or minor. Students majoring in various disciplines that allow for one or more elective years within the four-years curriculum may study in the year-abroad and summer sessions programs without losing credits or prolonging time before graduation by carefully planning the year(s) preceding and following their international study experience. Prerequisites for admission to ACA study abroad programs are as follows:

  1. Admission as a regular student to Southern Adventist University for the summer or academic year abroad.
  2. Competence in the language of the host country for Argentina, France, and Spain (minimum: one year of college or two years of secondary study with a language GPA of 3.00). This level of language competence is prerequisite to one’s being considered for admission. Language competence is encouraged but not required of students enrolling in academic year programs in Austria, Germany, Italy, or Lebanon or of students in summer programs.
  3. An overall college or university GPA of 2.50.
  4. A good citizenship record that gives evidence of better-than-average maturity, adjustability, and congeniality.
  5. Presentation of the application with all required information and signatures (academic and financial arrangements) to Southern Adventist University Admissions Office by May 1 (academic year).
  6. Attendance at an ACA orientation meeting during the month of April at Southern Adventist University.

First-Year students with competence in the language are not specifically excluded from ACA academic year programs, but the course of study is usually of more benefit to sophomores and juniors, especially those who plan to major or minor in the language. Although enrolled on an international campus, students who are registered at Southern Adventist University; are considered in-residence at this university; and are eligible for all external grants, loans, scholarships, and financial aid offered to students in attendance at Southern Adventist University. Credit earned abroad is recorded each term in Southern Adventist University Records Office.

The Adventist Colleges Abroad program offers a wide variety of language courses at intermediate and advanced levels concentrating on grammar, orthography, composition, phonetics, conversation, reading, pronunciation, literature, culture, civilization, and folklore, as well as courses in art, education, geography, history, music, physical education, and religion. Some internships are available. Please see ACA bulletin or go to

Credit earned abroad is recorded each term, but certain courses may not be transferable as specific general education credit. Contact Records and Advisement or your department/school for more information regarding transfer equivalencies.

Applicants must consult with their major advisers, the Modern Languages Department faculty, and the ACA coordinator before enrollment. Southern Adventist University personnel advise students about courses to take abroad and determine how the credits will apply toward graduation requirements. Those who carefully plan their academic-year programs with Southern Adventist University advisers may earn (between 26-32) semester hours toward a baccalaureate degree. ACA courses may apply toward the major, minor, general education, and elective requirements; credit is awarded on the basis of course prefix.

ACA courses are in high demand; applications are processed in the order received. Applications are available at the Modern Language Department or may be downloaded at

For further information:
Adventist Colleges Abroad
12501 Old Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20904-6600
(301) 680-6463

Language Placement

Students who have had previous work in the French and/ or Spanish languages wishing to take a course in those languages must take the Modern Languages Department Placement Examination. Please, visit for further information.

Students with a Spanish speaking background taking Spanish will often enroll in SPAN 243  Conversation and Composition. However, some students enroll at the intermediate level after the Placement Examination while others place high enough to take the Challenge examination for the intermediate level (3+3 SH) . These examinations are offered only at the beginning of each semester. Students are allowed to challenge the same exam only once. Please, visit for further information.

Those unsure of what course to enroll in should consult with the Modern Languages Department Faculty at any time.

Major Programs

Degrees. B.A. French, International Studies, Spanish, French and Spanish Teaching.

Placement Level. Students who intend to enroll in a French or Spanish language course, who have had any background in the language must take the “Placement Examination.”

Exceptions. Students who are native speakers or who have otherwise acquired advanced language proficiency are encouraged to take the “Challenge Examination” offered by the department. Otherwise, students with no background in a language must begin at the 101 level.

Departmental Majors. The Modern Languages Department offers language courses to satisfy the B.A. language requirement. A major in International Studies with emphasis in Spanish, French, German or Italian is offered. Majors in French, Spanish, and French or Spanish Teaching are also offered.

Students planning majors or minors should contact the department early in their studies for a list of required courses. Those students with questions about their major or minor should refer to the Catalog and/or contact Modern Languages faculty. Those students with transferred language credit from another college or university should meet with a faculty adviser early in their studies regarding major or minor course equivalents.

Students must earn a grade of C or better in all course work that is to count toward a department major or minor.

Departmental Minors. The department offers minors in Arabic, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

Language Emphasis. American Sign Language (ASL).

Teaching Major, Certification. Students planning to obtain Teaching certification must include the required professional education courses and any additional General Education requirements in their program as outlined in the School of Education and Psychology section of this Catalog under “Requirements for Certification .”

The student must apply for initial admission to the Teacher Education Program (usually by the end of the sophomore year) after completing all requirements as outlined under ADMISSION PROCEDURES  in the School of Education and Psychology section of the Catalog. Initial admission is required before a student can enroll in upper division education courses.

The student must also complete an application and all other requirements for Admission to Student Teaching. Prior to the professional semester, the student must take and pass the PRAXIS II licensure exam—both the appropriate section of the principles of Learning and Teaching, and particular specialty test(s) for the licensure area(s).

Students returning from any of Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA), after fulfilling studies in French, Spanish, German, or Italian languages must meet with Modern Languages faculty upon returning to Southern. This meeting is an assessment of the course work finished abroad, and advising of subsequent required course work towards a major offered at Southern.

International Studies Majors

ALL students majoring in International Studies with emphasis in French, German, Italian, or Spanish MUST take a “Departmental Exit Examination” (DEE) prior to graduation. This examination evaluates candidate’s writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills in the language of study. Students will earn a minimum grade of “B” in this examination. Also, each student must take

 /  (1+1) to maintain language proficiency in preparation for the DEE as well as career preparatory. To this end all students must also take MDLG 490  (1 hr) to prepare for such examination.

French and Spanish Majors

ALL Spanish/French majors who studied abroad for one (1) full academic year at any of our ACA locations (Argentina, France, or Spain), who took a Culture and Civilization course equivalent to 3 SH, a literature course also equivalent to 3 SH, upon returning to Southern will need to take three (3) upper division courses in their majors from the required course list, SPAN 490 /FREN 490 , and cognate courses, if necessary. These courses MUST be taken at Southern. These students will earn a minimum grade of “C” (2.00) in all courses.

If any Spanish/French major has not taken any of the courses mentioned above, they MUST take four (4) upper division courses from the Modern Languages Department at Southern, SPAN 490 /FREN 490  and cognate courses, if necessary. These students will earn a minimum grade of “C” (2.00) in all courses. ALL SPAN/FREN majors MUST pass a written/oral “Major Comprehensive Examination” (MCE) during their last semester and prior to graduation. This examination evaluates candidate’s writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills in the language of study, and provides a platform for analysis and discussion of courses’ content in their respective majors. Students will earn a minimum grade of “B-” in this examination.